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  1. <3333333
  2. Google "Nekomimi Survivor". Just do it.
  3. Sorry for the late reply - was away at an anime and gaming convention. But besides legendaries, I believe pretty close to all pokemon can be obtained in Gen 5 + 6. A lot of people also have pokemon of all kinds traded over from earlier gens to gen 6, and there is an easy to use global trading center thingy, so it's usually not too hard to get your hands on any non-event/legendary pokemon in X/Y.

    But yeah... don't know where you can find a list of exactly which ones that stop being available after certain gens. =O
  4. ...Considering how hard it is to track down cheap copies of the first two Gen remakes? Never mind. I'll just start with White 2 and the Saphire remake, then get Z when it comes out.
  5. Alright, you seem like the guy to ask this. Do you know where I can find a list of Pokemon that are unobtainable after certain generations?
  6. Surprised they haven't announced a pokemon Z yet.

    I really would have expected them to do so by now.
  7. That perfectly summarizes breeding in all the past gens. And to a certain extent gen 6 too. But it's not quite as bad.

    Also: welcome back and stuff!
  8. And because I ahven't linked enough people to this song...

    07 Treason! Animals - Franz Ferdinand - YouTube

    This album has consumed the past there days.
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