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  1. "Yukari Yakumo. I'm one of the
    most powerful beings in the
    Touhou world 'Gensokyo'. I'm
    the most difficult optional boss
    you could dream of, and I, well...
    I'm basically like a godess I
    suppose, just not by defenition."
  2. Okay, so I know Rider, and uh... Yukari, was it? I'm sorry, blondie, I don't remember your name

  3. "Yo Fynn, how's it going?"

    "Well, don't expect to see
    me around here much.
    I'm going back to sleep now..."

    "Was it always this easy
    to leave a visitor message?
    No one ever told me..."
  4. Oh yay! I actually have you guys on my dashboard now! Awesome hi!

  5. "Naaah, not really. We are all far
    too lazy to speak to people in VMs."

    "Speak for yourself! I'm not that lazy!"
  6. Hey, do the girls ever speak in VMs?
  7. I think, and hope, we both will. Looking forward to a rematch! =D
  8. I wonder if we'll see each other in the Gold bracket for a rematch I'm pretty sure you'll get there no problem. Hope I'm not just being lucky with my wins so far
  9. Will upload mine and Shaibana's soon, just got challenged by some random guy right after. xD
  10. Grunt has Grass Whistle on his Hades, so watch out for him
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