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  1. Well, sleep in general is a pretty broken status, especially when playing with no items and no sleep clause. So I knew sleep would be pretty big in this format from the start. xD
  2. Vivillon is seriously broken, now that I looke at it XD

    When I saw your Grave Digger I was sure my goose was cooked!
  3. I really need sleep talk on one of my mons. xD

    Yes, one moment.
  4. Oh, you got the code, by the way?
  5. It was a good game indeed! I can't believe I beat you!

    I really thought I was done for when you brought me down to two! Really, awesome game!
  6. That Vivillion. D=

  7. =O
  8. Oh.... Shaniba challenged me just now as well. xD
  9. Alrighty. Just send the challenge as soon as you're on.
  10. Oh, sure! Gimme a sec
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