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  1. Wanna have our battle now?
  2. Oh, that's nice! Thanks
  3. Aaand, that's all. All of those 4 are breeding leftovers and got some pretty good stats, natures and such by the way. Some of them have egg moves too.
  4. Going online now...
  5. Yup
  6. Ready now, if you are.
  7. Let me know when you're ready with those eggs
  8. Got 4 eggs for you now actually, though I gotta leave in 15 mins, so we'll trade tomorrow instead.
  9. Thanks! No rush, though, I'm still really busy with lots of things here, so I'm not in a big hurry to get those eggs.
  10. I'll go grab a few additional ones for you later. I should be able to trade them tomorrow, or possibly later today.
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