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  1. Hey, you mentioned I can farm lucky eggs from Pelipper easily but, sadly, I'm on Pokemon X and I really just started Alpha Sapphire. Would you mind giving me some lucky eggs if you have them?
  2. Yep, that was me Have fun and don't forget to post in the thread!
  3. Nice. Now, onto the hatching!
  4. Oh, you were Patrick. =P
  5. Hmmm, when I try to register your friend code it says I entered it incorrectly, even though I'm sure I did it right.

    ...or have I already added you maybe?
  6. Okay, let's make it quick
  7. Can we trade them now?
  8. =D!!!
  9. That's definitely good advice! I definitely want to keep an Eelektross on my team, just not this one specifically, but I figure a lack of weakness really works wonders in online battles.
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