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  1. Well, true. But we could just have re-played the match then or something. But yeah, might be a good idea to equip another item beforehand for the next battle.

    And yeah - I think things could have been pretty close if I hadn't gotten that perfect opening for setting up a DD. Or if your Electross had still been around. That was the one thing I had to get rid of before I could feel safe with a Dragon Dance up. So keep that in mind next time. You want your Electross around and as alive as possible if the opponent has a Gyarados. It resists Waterfall and is Immune to Eearthquake. Neutral to Stone Edge - and that has a chance to miss too. And can easily OHKO Gyara with pretty much any electric move. =P
  2. Still, it kinda felt like cheating. If my Pokemon were any stronger, that could have made a huge difference. I just activated it out of habit, not desperation, just forgot about it. I need to remember to get rid of that thing for the next match!

    Anyway, thanks again. I'm proud of myself that I at least managed to take down your Sylveon
  3. Don't feel bad - I almost forgot about it myself, and just uneqipped a megastone right before the battle. So no worries.
  4. Thanks I'll do that once I have some better Pokemon ready. I really had no time to actually prepare for this match.
  5. GG! If you want somem ore casual matches, just let me know.

    Also: Gyarados is very, very dangerous.
  6. I'm really sorry about that Mega Blastoise! I totally forgot about the mega evolution ban I mean, it didn't make any difference one the long run, but I still feel bad about it.
  7. Challenge sent! Awaiting response
  8. Just send me a challenge when you're ready.
  9. Alrighty - dinner done. Now we can have our match.

    I'm logging on in a min.
  10. Should be ready in a couple of minutes.
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