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  1. I was also talking about Melee Marth C-Sticking (since Brawl Marth's C-Sticking isn't as good since non-tipped Side Smashes have much weaker knockback and Melee Marth's side smash has more range. I also can't C-Stick with Marth in Brawl since I don't have a Gamecube controller and I played Melee at my cousins'). My cousins and brothers caught on quite quicky and made my C-Sticking useless with spacing and rushing in to punish after the side smash.

    The Brawl hate on GameFAQs is really bad. Plenty of people out there say it's Superman 64 or Big Rigs level of bad (though I personally find Big Rigs too insanely funny to be bad), it's the worst thing that ever happened to gaming, Sakurai is purposely trying to ruin Smash Bros, among other really ridiculous and unfair claims.

    And thanks for not hating on Brawl. It's one thing to prefer one game over another, but hating on it completely just because it isn't that game is just plain closed-minded, especially when it's done on a GameFAQer's level of hating.
  2. Even with relentless Mach Tornado spamming, aerials performed on the Tornado's side or underneath when being approached by the tornado have a decent chance of breaking through it (and the landing lag from the tornado gives enough of an opening to throw out an aerial to stop the next tornado). I'm quite suprised that people at the conventions didn't do that, since attacking with aerials is the only thing you really can do when getting chased down and juggled by Mach Tornado.

    Regarding getting items, yeah, his fast ground speed helps him reach items faster. But Meta Knight actually has very poor lateral aerial speed (3rd-4th slowest, tied with Ivysaur), and the many jumps he has only really helps him get items in giant levels like Hyrule Temple and New Pork City. Also, he doesn't fare in matches with items as well as characters like Fox or Wario, who have moves that can counter or rid thrown items (Reflector and Bite, respectively) or Mario and Luigi's fireballs, which can stop thrown items or even set off explosive items. Sure, items help Meta Knight, but his moveset doesn't have moves that can protect against or strategically use items (like projectiles moves that can set explosions off) like most characters do.

    As for you point on Adventure Mode, I was mostly referring to Intense Mode, where the attacks from enemies have ridiculous knockback (mediumweights can even get killed at percents as low as 30% from one attack) and the enemies' movement speed, attack power, and their resistance to flinching are bumped up immensely. And seeing how Meta Knight is a lightweight with all melee attacks and no projectiles, and no counter moves, reflectors, or absorbers whatsoever, he's really unsafe to use in Intense Adventure Mode.
  3. One last thing: I don't really know how bad the Brawl-hate is on gamefaqs since I'm not active there, but I'm glad you don't respond with blatant Melee-hate of the same kind, even though you said you were tempted to call it a bad game. And all Melee-fanboys who think that Melee is a better game are not straight out Brawl-haters either.
  4. Well, I'm basically talking from what I've seen on conventions when I've been looking by the Brawl corner. I know there are many ways to counter the tornado, I've just seen many new players being unable to figure them out. Or at least, many of the times I've looked. It could be coincidence, and of course there are different levels of skill involved at casual levels too, which could play a part in it all. But where I've been, I've seen a whole lot of Metaknight basically giving the opponent no space to breath in casual matches. And thanks to its insane priority, it can protect Meta very well on smaller stages such as Battlefield and the likes too.

    When I said C-sticking Marth, I was actually referring to Melee's Marth, which I should have made more clear. I was comparing Melee's Marth to Brawl's Meta, saying I've seen just a little bit more Tornado-spamming Meta's dominating casual than C-sticking Melee Marths. Brawl Marth might be able to do decently with C-stick as well, but it is easier to get by and punish in Brawl for the average player. But I will admit, this is all only from what I've personally seen at the conventions I've been to (and regarding C-stick Melee Marth, from my very first 20 or so hours with Melee way back in the day).

    I'd say that items help Meta a lot though, since he gets around very fast and has enough air mobility to chase down smash balls quite easily etc.

    Regarding single-player, I personally found Meta to be one of the easiest to run through adventure mode with. I did beat it at hard, but never attempted very hard though. You might have a good point when it comes to the AI when brawling vs CPU however. But I'd also say playing against CPUs outside adventure mode etc are one of the smash series less appealing aspects, even in Brawl where the AI was greatly improved.
  5. Also, Meta Knight isn't overpowered in single player modes. The AI is really good at defending against Mach Tornado on higher difficulties, and the lightweight weakness, random item damage, and no projectiles and counterattacks is also an issue as well. His low power and the AI's strong resistance to edge guarding will mean that matches will be quite dragged out, which is a bad thing for him since practically the whole cast has better endurance than he does. Also in adventure mode on higher difficulties, he's one of the worse characters for it because he gets killed way too easily, his attacks don't have enough stun and power to keep enemies away and stun them (which is ideal for preventing their attacks), and he's does quite poorly against bosses due to his low damage output and not having any projectiles, reflectors, or counterattacks.

    C-sticking with Marth, trust me, I did that back when I was trying to be good with him (I thought and still think to this day that he's the awesomest looking Smash Bros. character, which is why I wanted to main him even though I absolutely sucked with him and didn't understand most of his specials), and it only got me so far before people started staying out of range and punishing it with dash attacks, dash grabs, and aerials. And if you're not good or familiar with Marth's aerials, you're pretty much doomed if you get knocked and juggled in the air constantly by people.
  6. Continuing from NeoCracker's thread:

    I highly disagree with you about Meta Knight being overpowered in casual play as well as C-Sticking with Marth being overpowered as well.

    Firstly, Mach Tornado isn't as undefeatable as you make it out to be. Most items, projectiles, and counterattacking specials can interrupt it easily. Even long reach aerial attacks (like Mario and Luigi's reverse air) have a decent chance of hitting Meta Knight out of Mach Tornado (both Meta Knight and the attacker will get hit sometimes with non-disjointed aerials, but taking 1%-2% to deal ~10% to him is more than worth it). Sending people flying towards him in free for alls also breaks him out of Mach Tornado with a high success rate.

    Which brings me to another point: free for alls. Meta Knight's weakness (being lightweight) ruins him a lot in free for alls, especially since all the random items and attacks being thrown out will add up and get him KOed easily, especially if he gets caught juggled in multiple people's attacks. Thus, he's not as overpowered in casual and free for all matches as you think he is, especially when you throw in items into the mix (which will add a plenty of random damage to him that he can't do much against) and the fact that he has no projectiles (barring items, which everyone will have access to) or counterattacking moves to play it safe with.
  7. Here's a picture of all of the six main characters, or the "mane six" as most people call them.
  8. Really? Weird. I thought you'd be one of the first people to get on board with the MLP fandom, given its anime-like-ness and all the cute females it has (yeah, they're ponies, but that doesn't make them any less adorable).
  9. I actually haven't watched MLP enough to really know who would be my fav to be honest.
  10. I'm guessing your favourite pony is either Rarity or Fluttershy.
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