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  1. Whatever works
  2. "Hierarchy" would be a fitting name for the playstyle with 5 different level cards by the way.
  3. Level 7* 8 are the first GF cards.

    But yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes, I can even find it harder to play against people who use lower level cards during closed games actually, simply because it's harder to predict them. Against people using level 7 cards only, I usually find it pretty easy to figure some of their hidden cards out and it's so much easier to know what traps you gotta look out for etc.

    Me and Jiro also came up with a pretty fun style that we call "Commander", where all cards except one are level-restricted. Or, the last card can be level-restricted too but can be like 3 levels higher than the rest. For example, you may only use level 1-4 cards except your "commander card" which can be a level 5-7 card.
  4. I have to say, it's a much more interesting way to play. Playing with L8 cards is incredibly boring... I kind of just stopped playing after I capped out and played the same games over and over with all the other people with their L8's. xD
  5. Ahhh, always nice to know that your other options wouldn't have saved you either. F/R at the top would have resulted in Ultima Weapon triggering Plus too with 7-8 and 8-7. So yeah.

    Anyhow... feel free to challenge me to casual games anytime, in case you want revenge. We can always set up rules like this to even it out too.
  6. In case you were wondering, the last card was a Bomb, but it wouldn't have done me any better. Considered putting F/R up top in a defensive move, but in the end figured that you'd have something that could grab enough cards no matter what I did.
  7. YES! It WAS Fujin + Raijin! Excellent! Just like planned!
  8. Go on, go on, beat me senseless. xD

    Well, whatever the case... I'm pretty sure that I've made sure that you can't win and draw > Sudden Death is the worst that could happen to me at this point! No matter what you do, you can't take more than one card.
  10.'s all up to your last card 2 cards. Darn it. What could that level 6 card possibly be!? xD
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