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  1. Hi there!
  2. Ultima Shadow.
  3. Oh hey, was gonna respond, then something came up, then I forgot about it, lel. Sorry. =P

    And uh........ I do watch some stuff on Twitch sometimes, but not a lot. Very specific streams, like super smash bros tournaments and such usually.
  4. Ultima Shadowwwwwww ........
  5. Have I asked you if you watch twitch sometimes?
  6. No, I actually meant Showdown.
  7. Sure. Do you have X/Y yet? =O
  8. We should fight another Pokémon match.
  9. Thank you but I don't want anything I want to train traded. I also got my 649 Pokémon in Black 2. I want to play them for these things.
  10. If you ask me, X/Y are the best pokemon games so far. And training good teams is so much easier too. Let me know when you've got the games, and I'll trade you a few pokemon with good IVs. =P
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