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  1. D=!!!!!!!!


  2. "I heard you like visitor messages." (ahaha.wav)
  3. I started a blog on visual novels on EoFF, if you're interested.
  4. Hah, knowing your speed, you'll probably be done with the final arc before new year. xD

    But yeah, Fate/Zero is strongly recommended as well. It's pretty darn awesome too. It's not in VN format though, but a light novel.
  5. Yeah, I'm midway in Unlimited Blade Works and she got taken out extremely quickly AGAIN. Geez. But I sure am looking forward to the last arc^^

    I guess I should read Fate/Zero after I'm done?
  6. Nice! =D

    And... her role is really small and insignificant until the final route (which also happens to be my fav route). =P
  7. Having begun reading Fate/Stay Night recently, I finally recognize your avatar as Rider. And was disappointed with how quickly she got taken out.
  8. Yes, refrain really is that great. <3

    Even though doing LP of all the routes will take quite a while, yeah. xD
  9. Geez. I just reread Refrain on a whim and I love it so much. Even if it was an ambitious project, the outlook of someday reaching Refrain is more than enough motivation to continue the LP ^^
  10. Once you know how to use the tools, it's just a matter of investing time relative to motivation, at a pretty good rate. Or maybe I just have really good motivation on modding FF VII ^^
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