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  1. hmm alright. ill definitly put in a couple of those moves
  2. Just watched your battle with Minato too. And the end was a pretty good example of a situation where Dragon Dance could have been better. I don't know if you have invested enough EVs in speed for Haxorus to outspeed Noivern after one Dragon Dance though, but had you been able to set up two Dragon Dances there, Haxorus would have been able to outspeed Noivern and then KO pretty much the rest of the team.

    Also, Dragon Pulse is special and doesn't get the boost from dragon dance or swords dance, so Dragon Claw is always a better option to use for Haxorus.

    Finally, Roost is a great move for Togekiss to have, since it lets you recover half your hp and be just as annoying as that Gastrodon. ;D
  3. Both Sword Dance and Dragon Dance are great moves, though the difference is that while Swords Dance increases your attack stat by two stages, Dragon Dance increases you attack and speed by one stage.

    The reason to run Dragon Dance over sword dance is because it lets you outspeed almost everything after you use it, while Swords Dance is just for sheer power, but your risk having an opposing pokemon outspeed you and KO you even after you set it up.

    With sticky web support from Galvantula, Swords Dance might be a better choice, since that will help you outspeed non-flying pokemons more easily anyway. Though flying pokemon will still be faster most of the time. Both are good choices, but I personally just happen to like Dragon Dance more. But it's up to preference really. The better thing about Swords Dance is that it lets you KO really defensive pokemons more easily.
  4. woah! thanks for the tips. atm i have Dragon Dance replaced with Sword Dance :3 i believe thats a better one?
    i am almost lvl 65 with Tiny Spider so ill keep that in mind. im not sure what Spiders ability is :3 ill see soon enough

    thanks again!
  5. Some tips for Haxorus:

    Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw and Earthquake are the 3 moves that it should always have. But it lacks many good options for its final moveslot. You could go with Rock Slide, even though you already have Tyranitar and Tyrantrum, but another interesting option I think would be good for this format is actually Sleep Talk, since that would allow you to do things even if Haxorus is put to sleep. A final option could be Facade, since it lets you hit really hard even if you get burned (which can be really big actually).

    Also, Galvantula learns the move "Sticky Web" at level 65, but you can also teach it the move through the "move relearner" as long as you have a heartscale. And "Thunder" is actually a great move for Galvantula too if it has the Compund Eyes ability, since the accuracy is increased a lot.

    Just some tips!
  6. thanks for the battle, and grats!!
  7. GG!

    Metronome Togekiss hype! <3
  8. thats ok ^^ i figured that when i saw Fynn comming online a couple of sec after that xD
  9. Sorry, had to decline, because Fynn and I had just decided to battle. But if you can after, I'll battle you as well. xD
  10. lucky you :P a free shiny!
    ive done some research on the net.
    i dont think breeding wil do it :o
    but ive tried to pokeradar a bit, but i fail in that too xD haha. ill just search a little more :3
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