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  1. Oh my god, I completely forgot to reply to this. Im so sorry.
    First, yes I tend to follow all the big tourneys. Apex was amazing to watch on stream. I loved it. Gotta say though, dr. Pp v nintendude at civ 6 was awesome. Peepee's marth is so clean.

    Also, recently ive been growing more fond of melee. It just feels so good and marth is a joy to play there. Went to my first local tournament recently after like a week of playing and got 9/23 and I gotta say... I had never played so smooth in PM ever. I got some fun stories regarding that tourny, it was a blast.

    And finally... one of the best marths in sweden? My curiosity has been piqued. Any videos of his play I can watch?
  2. It's nice that the melee scene is still growing, and PM is getting more new players as well. It took me a couple of years to find out about the competitive smash scene as well, even though I had been enjoying melee during all those years.

    Now I have a pretty big group of friends who play, though their skill levels vary quite a bit. There is about 8 people who have been playing seriously for about one year (some a little less) and still have a bit to learn, then there are 3 guys who are old hardcore veterans (one is among the best Marth mains in Sweden) who win 98% of the times we are playing with 1-3 stocks left. Then there are 2 other guys who are at almost exactly the same skill level as myself and it really is 50-50 whenever we play.

    ...did you see the Apex finals in PM by the way?
  3. Funnily enough, I've been playing melee for over a decade... but never thought to look into its competitive scene. Me and my friends found out about DI, teching, and a few other things all on our own. I'm not sure why none of us ever googled "cool crap you can do in melee" until like... a year ago. I did that for every other game I owned, why did I forget about melee? It's not like me and my friends didnt play it competitively together. Why didnt we try to find new awesome stuff?! Bah, whatever.

    But yes, I'm quite new to the scene. Learned about PM from a few friends on campus who played it, and since I actually had people to play with again... I started playing with them. A lot. I've been getting my ass kicked less and less with each month, and aside from like 3 players I can beat everyone else quite reliably now. There's not a really big scene in Colorado at all... but im working with what I've got. Thankfully, we've been getting a ton of new players over the past couple months... and they're masochistic enough to not quit~ It's exciting. But yep, I'm a scrub and I'm loving it.
  4. Ah, I see. So, you are relatively new to the competitive smash scene? Or is it just PM you're new to?

    I've been playing Melee for quite some time, but only very recently got into PM. Still, the Melee experience help out a lot in PM too.
  5. I've been putting a lot more time into my roy lately because he requires a lot more techskill, but my kirby is definitely superior. Both are really fun though, and they're way more consistent than my hype-fueled suicide-prone falcon.

    Oh, and my intention is to go and get my ass kicked. A few of my friends who frequently 3-4 stock me are also going, so my goal is definitely not to win. I just want to meet a bunch of other smashers that live nearby and see how I measure up after a good 5-6 months of practice.
  6. Aha! I love Roy in PM. Though I still main Ganon in PM, Roy is probably my secondary. Lots of his moves look so flashy now too. <3

    Well, good luck. Hope you win.
  7. Close, but its a project M tournament. I main captain falcon in melee, but I main kirby/roy in PM.
  8. Out of curiosity of the smash tournament you mentioned in the DS2 thread: which smash game (I assume Melee?), and who do you main?
  9. I'm glad you love it as much as I do~
  10. Dat signature! <3
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