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  1. Nice! There are some characters that get a lot more development in the episodes after episode 4, but I guess they'll have to wait for a future tournament. xD

    Episode 1-4 still have plenty of awesome ones to pick from.
  2. That makes sense xD

    I'm still working on the Umineko bracket. Going to do the first 4 parts before I decide, but they won't make it in on time if I do all 8 parts. So at least there will be some characters you know!

    And I'm happy to have you
  3. I think I might stick around. ;D

    There has been many interesting rounds, but I pretty much missed most of my favourites, and usually when I've looked at the thread, the active round has been one with characters I know nothing about. Of course, that's no reason not to vote either, but I wanted to join in during a round with characters that I do know and like. xD
  4. Plan to stick around the character tournament or just found a round that you like?
  5. ;D
  6. Alrighty, thank you I am excited to see where it goes from here
  7. It does take some time to really grasp what's actually going on. If you feel stuck/too confused, I'd actually just recommend uou keep reading. Umineko has a very strange/unique story structure, which is really confusing for a big chunk of the plot, but slowly becomes more clear the further you get. Well, actually, it may keep on being confusing pretty far into it, and sometimes it does feel like it just gets even more confusing, really.

    But still, eventually, things will slowly start coming together. And then the earlier parts will start to make more sense, even if you didn't get them when you first read them etc.
  8. I just finished part 2 (again) and I am confused as all heck.

    I'd read some of part 3 but I took a break for a while and was even more lost, so I went back and did part 2 again.

    Still lost xD
  9. Ah, goodie. Just wanted to make that clear though, because Umineko is a VN where you really do want to avoid spoilers in general, even more so than in many other VNs. ;D
  10. I was joking anyways! With the stuff I've already seen and failed to understand, it'd be kinda hard to spoil certain things
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