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  1. Ah, I see.

    And yeah, it does need more speed. Excadrill might have a slightly higher base speed, but mine has almost no speed invest at all, and it still outsped. =O

    I think Arceops can learn Stealth Rocks too, which would give it a role to fill even if its defeatist activates (it's such a terrible ability D=). Stealth Rocks are just always great to have. Especially alongside Toxic Spikes.
  2. I tried using it before he died. I'm going SPD/ATK on him.
  3. Ah, alrighty then. Horde battles are the fastest way by far though. ;D

    I think your team could become pretty strong too. Do you have access to Dragon Dance on your Dragonite?
  4. Na I'm good. When it comes to EV training, if I can be bothered doing it. I'll probably just use super training to do it. I'm reeeeeaaaaalllly lazy when it comes to it.

    I am much more of a breeder and collector than a battler personally~
  5. Do you have the macho brace, pokerus and/or the power weight items?

    I suppose you know about the horde battles? I got some pokerus mons that I don't use, so I could send you one if you want. I'll slap a power weight on it as well, if you have none of those. I got like 480 unspent BP to buy things with, so...
  6. Surf, Thunder, Rain Dance, Ice Beam.

    Standard crap really. I wanted to build her bulkier but I never had the time~
  7. Yeah, I was actually kinda scared of Lapras, since I had no idea what you were running on it, and I had no safe switch-in to it. So it actually really scared me there for a bit. D=
  8. I'd say it was my most satisfying loss yet!

    I felt like I had a chance until that part where I was awful and lost.
  9. Good game! That... didn't really deserve to be a 6-0. You were so close to taking out several of my mons, and considering your party wasn't fully EVd, that was pretty well played still.
  10. All aboard the pain train

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