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  1. Oh, and which moves should I get rid of? Rock Tomb?
  2. Alrighty, just 2 sec.... I'll send another once it's taught
  3. Yeah, that's where I always level up; I just forgot about the Snover. I was trying to figure out who was missing from my party before I challenged you because I forgot about him. xD

    Poor little pinetree guy. ; -;
  4. Icy Wind is kinda nice though. xD

    But yeah... just run through that Le Wow resturant or fight the Audino girls at the battle mansion thingy, and it should evolve into an Abomasnow soon.

    We can have a rematch for fun with the Abomasnow evolved later someday if you want. ;D
  5. Yeah, he might appreciate a better attack than Powder Snow.
  6. Well, make sure you get it leveled for your next battle.
  7. Haha, yes, those really came in clutch. That's why I lead with them. I was fine essentially sacing one mon to get them up from the start. xD
  8. Yeeeeah, there is a chance I . . . forgot to level him. . .
  9. Good match.

    I am so jelly of your Stealth Rocks. ; -;
  10. Phew! That was intense. If your Abomasnow was fully evolved, who knows, things might have gone a little different. Good game!
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