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  1. "No need. We'll spare you the trouble and just
    introduce ourselves. I am Bernkastel, the most
    cruel of all the witches from the Umineko universe.
    Often refered to as the executioner by other witches.
    Besides possessing incredibly powerful magic, I am
    also the witch who governs miracles. So the next
    time you ask why miracles never are granted to
    those who truly deserve them, or why the bad
    guys often gets away unscratched somehow...
    well... it's all thanks to me. My favourite hobbies
    involve but are not limited to tearing the guts out
    of corpses and kicking people into absolute misery.
    The one thing I regret the most in human history
    is that the Colosseum went out of business."

    "Yukari Yakumo, the youkai of boundaries and the most
    powerful youkai in the Touhou world of Gensokyo. I sleep
    often and my actions rarely make any sense to others
    than myself. I live for enjoyment, though my ideas of
    fun might sometimes spell trouble for other people. But
    don't worry, they are not as bad as Bern's ideas of fun.
    I could easily be either hero or villain, depending on my
    whims and the power I'm the most famous for is my
    ability to create 'gaps' - clefts appearing in thin air
    wherever I want. I can use these to connect any two places,
    travel wherever I want antime I want, among other things.
    Also, I have never fought with the full extent of my power."
  2. So now I have to look up those characters?
  3. Their gyms properly represent their powers and character.
  4. Now you're just being mean with these gyms.

    I remember getting a Fennekin from you, but I guess I got that too.
  5. Even a lot of stallbreakers might struggle against Bern's team. And yes, Yukari is a total overpowered bitch.

    Also, I remember that you almost beat KOS-MOS gym once and got part of the reward - remember what you got? xD

    I think it was a Squirtle. Oh well, I'll just send another one.
  6. Ugh, I don't think I have good Pokemon for stall breaking. I made the right decision. And Yukari sounds like a bitch.

    But yeah, sure.
  7. Bern uses "annoying stalling"

    Yukari uses... whatever she likes.

    Alrighty, want your rewards traded first?
  8. That pretty much tells me nothing. Maybe later, I have to run errands now.
  9. "Despair" and "Overpowered Everything".

    Bern uses 4, Yukari 5.
  10. So what are their themes?
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