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  1. You'll probably take second place then. And your team was certainly not lacking threats. One tip for Noivern though: while it locks you into the same move, Choice Specs is an awesome item to have on it. Since Noivern's base attack stats are so-so, but it has great speed and access to many good special moves such as Boomburst, Dragonpulse, Flamethrower and Hurricane etc, the 50% added power from Choice Specs really makes a huge difference. You do give up the ability to swap moves freely, but in exchange you get a really huge additional special attack boost.
  2. That would make this my first loss in this tournament.
  3. Well, Gardevoir is pretty darn awesome.

    Wobbuffet did pull off some nasty stuff as well though.
  4. Yeah, I suppose so. You would have swept my team if it weren't for Gardevoir.
  5. GG! That Gardevoir managed to put in some really good work there.

    ps: Bern says she hates Gardevoir.
  6. Alrighty - it's currently 9:00 PM over here. I'll be on at around 10:30 (in an hour and a half), so if it's possible for you to be on around then, that'd be nice. Otherwise, tomorrow might work better for me, and we can try to decide on a specific time that works for both of us.
  7. Today sounds good with me.
  8. When would the best time be for you to have the battle? I'll be pretty busy during most of the weekend, so tomorrow would be the best for me if possible. Or today or maybe friday.
  9. That was pure gold. <3
  10. I just came across this, and thought you might appreciate it. So enjoy!
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