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  1. Well, I guess I need to play it now! Hopefully I go down in a blaze of glory.
  2. Your role in Psy's game is perfect. It fits in very well with your EOFF persona, and there was actual emotional response to the game in the form of hell no I'm going to stop this. I think its something you can be proud of.
  3. I just noticed your location
  4. Now that it's almost over Happy Birthday.
  5. You can always count on me to be around when a superhero convention is taking place. Justice League!
  6. Next you'll have to post a picture of your legs, then your hands, arms, torso, and who knows where it will go from there. Make them puzzle it out in paint or photoshop, whichever they prefer.
  7. Welcome to da hood.
  8. I see your hanging around De Lete Cave, Mr Murder. That's a known hideout of Super Delete, you know.

    *Strokes chin*
  9. Don't think I've given up on finding your's and eestlinc's secret.
  10. I hope you like the socks I bought you for Christmas. You can't have good morals without a good pair of socks, you know?

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