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  1. A once in a life time sight of ho oh
  2. A rare ADMINISTRATER appears.
  3. lol and yet everyone has to open up a bigmouth. kidding. But I dunno when the other ones going to get unbanned so I keep checking on this to see if i got a notice or something.
  4. If you're looking for your real account to get unbanned you might want to stop using this one, crash
  5. I meant what song do you plan to learn to play on your guitar first?
  6. Your lying
  7. What song do you plan to learn first?
  8. Monkey got all sexed out. That's why she hasn't been at the forums lately. She left a pair with me until she gets back though. I sometimes wear them when I'm feeling down and pretend that Psy is yelling at me.
  9. Blue Oyster Cultists
    Blue Oyster Cult sing Godzilla! That's one of my favorite songs. Check it out, man.

  10. .

    ... ...

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