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  1. i hate it too....but the 2nd worst part is over for me..i finished my first draft of my research just scared for my presentation...=[ it did distract me at first but my english class is dedicated to my senior project more than schoolwork..haha
  2. I just hate bull like that. Its a waste of time and just distracts me more from learning what I'm actually into.
  3. Really? But you're so smart!!! =]
    And you can pick whatever topic you want! =D
    But...i'm not very good with essays...argh...
  4. I hope so. I don't think I could survive that.
  5. haha i doubt it..not all schools have it...maybe its only my school district..xD
  6. I really, really hope we don't have senior projects...
  7. awww well..idk maybe cuz ur a junior...
    um we have to choose a topic to make a 4-5 page research paper...and with that paper we have to make a brochure, powerpoint, personal statement, resume, letter of intent, portfolio, and we have to present it all in May...-_-....I need my research paper along with the sources, portfolio, brochure, and powerpoint..-sigh-..
  8. Senior projects? I've never heard of anything of the sort, but maybe. I wouldn't know. What are they?
  9. lol, young'in..jk jk! you're more mature than me =O
    omg...i would hate to have had AP classes last year..O_O
    I had honors classes freshman and sophomore year o_o
    ahhhhh do you guys have senior projects???
  10. Yeah, I here you. I'm a junior now, with two APs and the rest are Honors courses... I'm starting to die inside.
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