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  1. I didn't understand why you were a turtle either and I drew it! But you're a badass turtle I was looking through my old photobucket pictures and found it
  2. hahaha yes i remember that! I never did understand why I was a turtle though, but I used that for a signature for a bit
  3. Remember this?

  4. No, i'm not sheeples. Or I guess he went by clouded sky for a bit. I've been Freya for a while but I guess I haven't been active the past few months.
  5. I thought you was clouded sky, I will be honest. problem?
  6. oh lekana. HI ^_^
  8. Emo's skies and --- you have confused me little lady!
  9. Freya ---- Clouded Sky? ---- Totally emo!?
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