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  1. And we always will be
  2. She is the wolf among us :/ That poor girl. At least we're good to her.
  3. Not even Almighty Dog Lord Cesar Millan can help poor, lost Rebecca I fear the best we can do is make her comfortable with lots of meat and wolf games we shall play with her!
  4. Let's get that dog whisperer guy!
  5. Yes she can't be trusted with carpets, cushions, bedsheets or anything! And she isn't house-trained by any stretch of the term. Whatever shall we do?
  6. Did the wolves raise her again?
  7. She has grown wreckless and feral; we have left her alone too long!
  8. We should have higher security over Rebecca
  9. Oh Rebecca please don't fall again we can't have you falling again oh Rebecca no
  10. You should close that door or the breeze will knock Rebecca over!
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