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  1. Awesome, no sweat. Scruff's mafia hasn't even started yet, so I'm pretty sure mine isn't likely to start until after Easter

    OF course, you HAVE to take part in it. I can even let you choose the character you wanna be.
  2. Should have some time to spare this weekend though to get them done
  3. Also I haven't touched your avys yet. Was busy last weekend and been mass effecting this week. ALSO GET IN DISCORD. It's my new favorite thing.
  4. *gets mad*
  5. Okay don't get mad but I drew something that isn't a cat again
  6. Ok, so next up is Scruff's mafia, then it's my turn. Feel like working on those Avis yet?
  7. Oh man, maybe I can even use some of my old stories for this!

    Also, speaking of creative endeavors:
  8. Thanks!
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