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  1. Like holy trout you two talk a lot via VMs
  2. So I was like "oh man me and fynn have 800 visitor messages wow I must be like the person he talks to the most!"



    Pumpkin showed me how wrong I was with her 6152 visitor messages between you two.
  3. Too many
  4. How many freaking hobbies do you have haha
  5. That's way too many hobbies

    Wife is knitting and crocheting, though, so she'd sooner do that than me
  6. You should learn how to sew too :3
  7. Nah, just the drawing part. We saw this French movie and I really liked the design of the dress in that and my wife was like "well, maybe you should design one", and I'm like "yeah, that's a great ide!"
  8. Yeah the french were assholes to use just cause we were american. We started telling them we were Canadian and BAM our service everywhere was magically nicer.

    Fashion designing? Like are you going to draw the designs or actually make them? Sewing and the like?

    (I may pick it up again at some point)
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