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  1. Nah, I totally get that I have these long period when I read nothing at all, and then there's periods I devour three books a week. It all depends on the book and the mood, really
  2. I watched a lot of misfits this weekend and played wow and watched some daredevil? ?

    I thought "I should read before bed at least." I didn't I played on my phone. I'm bad at this reading thing.
  3. Finished Career of Evil. My God was it good.
  4. A year? I forgot about it for several months
  5. How long have you been on Scrib, by the way?
  6. It's still really good to get this critique, though. I hope I just learn to be less shocked about it in the future
  7. Yah. It bothered me a lot at first. That's a silly critique though.
  8. Lolol

    "The character comes across as a bit chauvinistic and I came to despise him by the end and he really doesn't need to be like that"

    Like, thanks, but didn't you think that maybe that was the whole point?


    Its harsh getting your first critique. There's one that's really nice and positive, one is balanced, and one is extremely critical, so I guess I just have to get used to it
  9. You can do it! I'll have to check it out later. I'm excited you're excited!
  10. Posted my first story yay~

    It't not the contest thing yet, but I don't think I'll have any problem building up enough karma for that one. I just wanted my new member spotlight to be of something I'm confident in.
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