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  1. (Also psst don't give up on Polish. No one learns the language, we need more non-native speakers XD Also, remember Rome wasn't huilt in a day!)
  2. Also, not a totally different note, I actually started thinking about trying my hand at fashion designing?

    Not like anything serious, professional, or anything. Just to try it out for fun. And we'll see how it goes.
  3. Germans are really cool when it comes to foreigners speaking their language. French people, though...
  4. !! Well now i know 5!

    I actually, at one time, knew enough German to get around Germany somewhat without having to speak English. Most the Germans I met there though were very excited when I tried to speak their language. But it's been years now and I've forgot a lot. That made my travelling easier. I even half ass spoke to some people in Switzerland since it's a weird version of German there. It was harder but I did understand when I heard some attractive guys talking about me and my friends. We got a picture with them

    Italian, came when I was pirating Rosetta stone and it was the only one I could get to work, didn't get too far in it.

    Swedish, I tried to learn it when I was talking to Rantz all the time a few years ago. I found it really fun. It's a very "bouncy" language.

    Japanese, someone told me I couldn't learn Katakana in a week. Challenge accepted. So I became proficient in a week. Then didn't keep up with it so I promptly forgot it. I didn't learn too many words with it because I had to learn how to read it first.

    Korean, I was watching K-Dramas and wanted to know what was being said. Again though, didn't learn too many words because I had to learn how to write/read it first.

    And then briefly polish cause of you! But damn polish was hard and I couldn't pronounce anything that well. So I was lame and gave up.

    Now spanish because honestly, I've been obsessed with Shakira's new song and want to know what it means because there's no english version. Plus Narcos was fabulous and it's mostly in spanish and I want to know what pablo escobar said without subtitles.
  5. Kampala is the Polish word!
  6. I didn't get far enough in polish to know . Spanish is emparedados (just learned that) and swedish is smörgås
  7. What other languages do you know the word in then? Do you know the Polish word?

    Also, it's the same in Japanese as in English as well.
  8. Although I think Sandwich is also Sandwich in german so... 4 languages!
  9. Also I realized I know the word for Sandwich in 3 languages now!
  10. You just hate me/cats. I see how it is
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