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  1. I didn't say we need to do it noooowww, i'm sick remember.
  2. You cant tell me youre planning an intervention! I'll be on guard and do more imaginary drugs.
  3. You have a problem with those imaginary drugs. We need to have an intervention.
  4. Wish my (imaginary) drug dealer said that.
  5. It's okay, you don't have to. I'll be addicted enough for the both of us
  6. Suplexing trains are awesome.

    Still can't get into WoW.
  7. SO I've been addicted to World of Warcraft again, surprise I know, and there are these two new bosses that will supplex you together. And I think think of VI and then later there is a train boss and I think VI and I combine them and thing train suplexing.
  8. I will suplex the train
  9. kick the train plox
  10. :C I am not happy about that train or how you feel
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