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  1. Just give me a heads up when you decide to burn the forum down so I can bring marshmallows.
  2. Thanks. I'm going to have to honestly block out my schedule for me time, I also may go a bit crazy. YOU'RE WARNED.
  3. I'm sure you'll do fine, you always seem like your working all the time, so I'm sure you'll be able to balance the workload, just remember to leave some time for yourself now and again.
  4. Oh I have a bajillion different projects halfway started or done. I'm about to go back to school come january for the first time in a decade. O.o so I'm trying to get some of these ideas and projects done before then as I wont have any time when that happens. It'll be full time while working full time so I'm a bit anxious.
  5. I'm going with that for me. I am actually working on a more epic dark fantasy story on the side, but I'm mainly just writing down the details of the world and rules. I haven't actually committed any story to paper yet.

    Any other side projects you're still working on/thinking of starting?
  6. so are we just more lazy now? xD
  7. It involves less world building and thus is easier to do?
  8. Look at us being all... normal fiction writers. What's happened? D:
  9. Eh, sort of. I have the general gist of the plot in my head, but not necessarily the details. The hard part for me so part is simply finding a balance between the modern setting that is the framing device and the flashback which makes up the bulk of the story.

    I am also dropping more fantasy/sci-fi elements for a pure fiction piece.
  10. Do you have those heavy parts planned out already?

    It's a revisit to a previous idea. I had written maybe 13k before of this? Reworked it and restarted it for this nano! I'm going a little outside my box this time. Rather than having some fantasy or scifi elements it's straight drama fiction. I'm doing okay so far. I'm about 7k in so far on this new version
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