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  1. pinterest! Yeah yeah, I know it's bad girlyness. But it is a great place for recipes!
  2. I need to get back to doing that. I didn't have a prep day, but I usually planned my meals the night before and did some prep work then. I need to pull out a recipe book and experiment with cooking. I have a variety problem and I feel it's because I'm too lazy when it comes to cooking so I need to prep my meals the night before again because I tend to be more motivated to cook then.
  3. I meal prep ish for the week. Saturday night/sunday I plan my meals out for the week. I go get groceries on sunday and if I need to prep some, like usually breakfast burritos, I will cook those and package them for quick grabbage in the morning.

    It has helped me soooo much on eating healthier. I now go home knowing exactly what i have for dinner (and left overs for my lunch the next day) and I don't just stand in front of the fridge or go to fastfood.
  4. Yeah, I am definitely not a morning person. Though I do like doing my stretches and exercises in the morning. Kind of gets me in the proper mood for the day. I need to start making my meals the night before so I don't fall into the temptation of going out to eat as well.
  5. You can do it!

    I would get up and do some of it jn the morning but sleepy Kaycee always wins when it comes to the alarm clock
  6. I seriously need to get back into my routine myself. I had a routine like that a year ago and fell off the wagon. I need to get back onto that cause I was pretty content with doing things that way. Good job for you being so productive.
  7. haha. I made it part of my new years resolution goal thing.

    Honestly I haven't had any extra time in the evenings. I'm trying to get the 10k steps for my fitbit, my mom complained how it was an expensive gift so I feel I should really use it. I work in an office so I get MAYBE 3k steps at work. So I go home and have another 7k to go. So I've been walking/jogging some and sometimes that takes me an hour D:

    So it goes:
    Get off at 5
    drive home, get there at 5:30
    Let dogs out, check mail and change into workout stuff 5:50ish
    Workout till about 7 sometimes later.
    Cook dinner. Sometimes takes til 8 that I'm eating depending on what i'm making. Sometimes later!
    Write 500(at least) words. Takes me like 20-30 mins depending on how inspired I am.
    So then it's about 8:30-9 and I read for an hour and go to bed.

    I have never been that busy with things I'm choosing to do and have to meet the goal every day. I feel like I have no time to myself. Then I realize, wait a minute, I do have time to myself, i'm just using that time to do things I want to do. I'm just scheduling what I'm doing instead of just screwing around. It's actually been nice. I feel more productive.
  8. Well damn, you're doing better than me. I haven't really touched my novel in a bit but I did start another project which I've been doing off and on. I've been bad about being consistent, even just reminding you to get back to work.
  9. I've written 500 words in a novel every day this year. ARE YOU PROUD OF ME, SENPAI?!
  10. *pats on the shoulder* It will be alright. I'm sure you'll figure this out. Maybe just stick to the mainline and work in only side titles you care about.
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