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  1. Seeee that's adorable! Do that!
  2. I want to learn to do this:
  3. ooo you could do the cute stuff! do that and then show me!

    like thatttt
  4. bento

    More a style of preparation but I feel it would make making lunches more fun and help me control what I eat a little better.
  5. Bento?
  6. I may have to check it out. I really should take up making bento I feel.
  7. pinterest! Yeah yeah, I know it's bad girlyness. But it is a great place for recipes!
  8. I need to get back to doing that. I didn't have a prep day, but I usually planned my meals the night before and did some prep work then. I need to pull out a recipe book and experiment with cooking. I have a variety problem and I feel it's because I'm too lazy when it comes to cooking so I need to prep my meals the night before again because I tend to be more motivated to cook then.
  9. I meal prep ish for the week. Saturday night/sunday I plan my meals out for the week. I go get groceries on sunday and if I need to prep some, like usually breakfast burritos, I will cook those and package them for quick grabbage in the morning.

    It has helped me soooo much on eating healthier. I now go home knowing exactly what i have for dinner (and left overs for my lunch the next day) and I don't just stand in front of the fridge or go to fastfood.
  10. Yeah, I am definitely not a morning person. Though I do like doing my stretches and exercises in the morning. Kind of gets me in the proper mood for the day. I need to start making my meals the night before so I don't fall into the temptation of going out to eat as well.
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