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  1. Well FFI and II shouldn't be too terrible as they are relatively short. FFIII and IV will probably be the more long winded ones.
  2. I'm hoping I can play a game a month. I've been so busy I hardly am able to do much but dangit, i'm going to try!
  3. Got to love Steam when it decides not to work!
  4. Ahhh so I'll just get IV then without the extra like $3.

    IF I CAN LOG INTO STEAM. god so busy it keeps crashing.
  5. Eh, not really. If you like FFIV its not a bad addition, but it's kind of a pointless sequel.
  6. That's what I thought. It looks like III is the chibi version.

    Looks like IV has a bundle with after years. Is After years worth it?
  7. Fair enough. If its the remake versions of the first three, it shouldn't take you long to get through them.
  8. I dunno, Steam has a bunch of them half off right now! So I'll probably be buying them that way. I used to emulate but If I can just buy it, I'll do that. I support it if it's available. I only emulate if there's no way for me to get it short of ordering an old NES and game off ebay.
  9. You have a lot of work ahead of you. Which versions of FFI-VI are you playing?
  10. 9-13 I've finished well excluding the MMOs
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