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  1. Well when was the last time you worked on your nano novel?
  2. I can send you messages haha! "Did you do anything today?" "So this week you said you'd get most of your chapter done, How much did you do?" etc!

    I need to actually write more in my nano novel and finish that. So if you want to hound me about that, i welcome it!
  3. Actually on second thought, I think what I really need is someone to hound me on the forum about whether I actually wrote anything for the day. Just to get me back into the groove of using my time wisely instead of camping on the forums all the time.
  4. Kidding side, I'll be happy to be your accountibuddy.

    I guess I want to get the next few chapters written out of my novel. I'm on Chapter 19. I would love to be at Chapter 25 by the end of January. How about you?
  5. Well then. Let's make a pact! Accountibuddies! What's our goal and we'll keep on top of each other!
  6. We're kindred writing spirits!

    Yeah, I totally have to de-stress every evening from the days BS. It's why I wish writing was just my job because I enjoy it more when it's all I'm doing. Guess I need to learn to buckle down and get good at it so I can finish that novel and make it my career.
  7. Exactly! I'm one of those people who has to destress from life. I can't just keep socializing or working or whatever. I have to have time to turn my brain off. If I don't get that I'm all wound up for the whole next week. Writing stresses me merely cause it's using lots of mental power to be creative. So I unconciously avoid it. I feel you so hard here haha
  8. Preaching to the choir dear. The worst part is when you have time to write, you know you should be writing, but you just don't want to think and instead do video games or watch a popcorn flick instead because your mind just wants to auto-pilot.
  9. Right? I like to tell myself if I ever finish a damn book it'll become a best seller and I'll never have to worry. Yet.... i don't finish anything haha. I have like 8 unfinished novels.
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