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  1. You delight in making people dream in melodies eh?
  2. You're welcome
  3. Tehee xD I was dreaming about Disney last night thanks to you xP
  4. But the llama loves you... *sniff*
  5. I'm using the eyes on little mermaid skin xD

  6. I love Aladdin, Mulan, and the Little Mermaid, I also adore Beauty and the Beast, The Great Mouse Detective, Sleeping Beauty, and Oliver and Company. Ooh ooh! and The Emperor's New Groove.
  7. I like Aladdin... and Pocahontas... and Lion king and Mulan and little mermaid :3
  8. Lol! What's your favorite Disney film then?
  9. I love disney so much you don't even know. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!

    And yeah they were pretty good in french. :3
  10. I'm surprised how good some of those songs come out in French. The songs from Hercules, Hunchback, and Mulan just sound so much better.
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