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  1. Fun Fact: My first GF was nicknamed Serena because we both loved this show.
  2. I nommed you and sailor moon for MLT kiss under the docks or whatever hahaha
  3. Yeah, pretty much.
  4. So that's why there are sailor moon gifs! It all makes sense now!
  5. I still haven't watched much of the new dub. I have started re-watching the original dub, and OMG the nostalgia...
  6. Man it's gems like that that I love sailor moon. I tried to go back and rewatch the original a few weeks ago, dubbed cause i'm lazy. Oh god that dub was so annoying. I made it through a few episodes of crystal when it was first coming out but I was waiting on new things and it was taking forever so I ended up saying smurf it and haven't gone back.
  7. Not at the moment, I just like collecting Sailor Moon GIFs.
  8. I do! Thank you! Changing your set or something?
  9. I just found a a few while looking for Sailor Moon GIF and figured you would get a kick out of them.
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