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  1. Sorry, been busy with work this weekend.

    That actually sounds like typical fanfare for right-wing people. Most of them seem pretty battrout crazy, honestly. Haha.

    I live on my own. I moved out for school in September 2014, and I've lived with roommates in a house for nearly two years now. Even though I don't go to school, I still plan on living here on my own as I really enjoy the freedom and independence I have. Going back to my grandparents seems like a terrible idea and would make me miserable, even if I'd be saving money on rent and groceries. :P
  2. It was a bit before you came along but I used to have some even worse coworkers, I used to post about it in the rant thread all the time. One of the gems I overheard was Satan is a Dinosaur and seatbelt laws were the first step to communism in america. Both were said in a serious nature.

    Do you live with you parents still or are you on your own?
  3. Oh god. That's horrible.

    The sad thing is that my mom (and I assume my mom's side of the family) is the exact same way. She buys into the whole 'fake news' thing and supports Trump. Thinks he's been doing a great job. It's really depressing to hear tbh. :/
  4. So you know how our president thinks everything is fake news and liberals are trying to ruin the nation? That's my coworkers
  5. Oh wow. Hopefully this one lasts longer than 3 years haha.

    I'm jealous. That actually sounds like a really nice job to have. Even if it might be a little bit stressful at times, I'm sure the good paycheck makes it totally worth it.

    What sort of opinions do they have?
  6. 3 years here in June.

    It's easy. Pay is really good. I don't do trout most often when we're slow but i'm super busy if we're not. I deal with hundreds of thousands of dollars in billing a week so it could seem a little pressure-ish but meh.

    I really don't like my coworkers troutty political opinions but other than that, they're nice.
  7. Sorry, been super busy with Dark Souls lately. :P

    I think it would be cool to work with the people there. Almost everyone there is into gaming, so it would definitely be easy to talk to them and get along with everyone.

    How long have you been at your current job? Do you enjoy it?
  8. Yeah I worked there for 3 years, 3 years ago! So it may have changed now. So fun to just talk about games all day but yeah the pay and management was just blech. In my 3 years I went through 6 managers.
  9. Really? I've never been asked for reviews at all haha. Maybe EB Games in Canada didn't have to do that.

    The employees at Gamestop/EB Games always seem really nice and like they have a good environment, but everything I read about the management sounds troutty. At least you aren't there anymore :P

    Me and another coworker at one point, you have to ask them to go to the website and fill out a review on each receipt, we started saying "Go here, fill out a review so I can keep my job! " Because at that time those were a big deal too.
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