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  1. BE PROUD! We love you... and your arts.
  2. omg, my art is getting plastered all over the forums. First plef is using a drawing as his signature, next Fynn is using my drawing of three of his characters, then maybee is using another for her profile picture, and now you're using my picture of Vivi as BOTH avatar AND signature! I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed of this.
  3. YES That's perfect!
  4. How's this?
  5. Uh, sure thing!
  6. HEY PROTO. I want to change my sig to your vivi but he's too big. Now you see, i'm lazy and at work. I can shrink him but it would be in paint and he'd lose his transparency. Can you shrink him for me so he's sig sized ?
  7. Lol well whenever you get it done holla holla dolla bill yo - sorry my sterotypical rapper came out
  8. I wasn't expecting you to change sets immediately. xD
  9. Take your time, I just changed to my katamari set so I wont mind if you take a while lol
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