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  1. u
  2. You definitely need to come post more my good man.
  3. :monster2:
  4. Well, thank you. I just realised I'm 13 days older than you, so you should respect your elders xD Nah, thanks for that. Hope I don't lose that respect

    BTW Cheers for the smiley
  5. For some reason, I really respect you. I don't know if it's a specific occurrence or if you're just an awesome person, but I really respect you.

    Have a smiley.
  6. Not really. Whenever I feel like leaving totally random usernote, it's always that. The Violent Femmes do rule, though.
  7. Um, okay then
    Did anything prompt you to say that?
    I'm curious now
  9. You lucky SOB.
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