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  1. Then come join us!!!! Send a message to Sarah and she'll give you the deets.
  2. The names you listed are all people I like!
  3. So many of us. SO MANY. Cuchi, Jojee, Shorty, Denmark, etc.
  4. I probably wouldn't mind joining the group, but I rarely post anything there. Who else is in it?
  5. Join a lot of us in a super secret group on Facebook!
  6. Me too. Looks like I'll get you yet, TuH!
  7. xD

    I'm glad you pointed that out!
  8. Hilariously enough, this goes along with the previous usernote you left me.

  9. Hey there handsome !
  10. If I walked around in a dress and a wig would you finally stop being attracted to me
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