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  1. didn't like my PM huh lol
  2. did you complain about me? gee sorry for leaving visitor messages at about the same rate you do. oooooooo scary. if it wasn't you then sorry.
  3. You wouldn't understand.
  4. why do you want to be in lockearted's donut? ooo are you into that thing where you get eaten lol
  5. Backslash? Maybe my iPhone messed it up.
  6. \
  7. oh I PMed you my skype and how to facebook me.
  8. right below my post here someone mentioned a fb post. didn't need to be a detective lol
  9. How did you know about my Facebook post?
  10. come on skype I can show you. hopefully handsome looking. and what's this about a facebook post? ooo oo add me on facebook ^_^
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