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  1. Hello!!! =DDD
  2. Haha xD
    Okie then! =DDD
  3. Yup had this name for the time i thought it was really clever, now i just see all i did was add an i...lame, btw do you mind if i befriend you cuz my friends list is empty
  4. Heh same here xD
    Did you always have that username? xD
  5. Hey yeah so...its been a while since i've bothered with this website, well its a mystery why am on your friends list, don't get me wrong am glad i have friends...soooo nice to meetcha (again..possibly) am Danny
  6. Who is this? xD Ur on my friend list...o_o idk y xD
  7. Wow, I barely see you on!!!
  8. Hey redxiiii, how are ya?
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