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  1. Im more on MSN then anything XDD <3
  2. Ya man, I'll add you up on there :D
  3. I know its messed up XD We use to post in each other usernotes all the time. Do You have MSN?
  4. Jesus man I can't believe it's been 2 years since I posted in your usernotes! That's so crazy D:
  5. lol not a lot just been busy with life lol XD Im suprised I have been gone from this forum site for so long lol I love it here XD But pretty much just same old same old :3
  6. Heeey dude! What the hell you been gone for ages! WHAT'S UP? :D
  7. Just stoping by to say hi. its been awhile since I talked to u XD
  8. Eep I'm sorry I was just being nice -sniffle-
  9. -hugglz Kyono- ~Chuu
  10. -sings- Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam ..Spam Spam Spam ..Spam Spam...- -giggles- ~Chuu
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