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  1. Bobby! Join my mafia game please!
  2. Good! I am spending the weekend taking it easy. Bf is gone with friends. Been playing video games. Bought Tlaes of Zestiria and been enjoying it. Sorey is a cutie.
  3. Oh I'm really good! We spent the whole day yesterday touring this tiny town near our city and Pokemon Go is finally out here, so we'll probably spend all day today catching Pokemon

    And how about you?
  4. Wazzzzzup?
  5. Waaaaaaaat
  6. Fynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  7. I just pretend it doesn't exist and stare at his abs.
  8. But he makes it a sexy mullet!
  9. It is still a mullet though :/
  10. I actually think he pulls of the mullet quite well! The undercut certainly helps things.
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