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  1. well i hang out in the irc channel, and i also use skype, or even curse
  2. What method do you prefer? :3
  3. but you know i think it's really annoying to do conversations via visitor messages. is there a different way, perhaps?
  4. You cut me deep man ;-; although mario kart is awesome too
  5. i'm not even all that interested in zelda. it's all about that mario kart 8
  6. Good assumption, but alas my funds of late are lacking. I just hijack my friends console instead
  7. aw. i guess assumed someone with a zelda avatar would have most of the nintendo consoles
  8. I do not
  9. I bet you have a wiiu
  10. darn. hm. uhhh. I talk to myself a lot and I squeak when i'm jumped scared haha.
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