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  1. That comic was pretty awesome!

    You're awesome with MS Paint
  2. Oh mine!! I got the urge to draw it again!! That bull is freaking hilarious!!

    That reminds me of that EoFF comic I used to draw!
  3. I did indeed. Still got a picture of it on my profile
  4. You used to be a red bull demon right? From my artwork?
  5. Nah, it's defining and easy to remember, and everyone latched onto it quickly, so it worked well for me
  6. I thought you might hate me for giving this silly suggestion now that you've grown up!
  7. Of course not! I much prefer it!
  8. Do you regret changing to this username?
  9. The name thing I had to look up, because I'd never know something like that.

    I dunno, growing up and doing a degree and stuff makes you smarter I guess
  10. When in the world did you became so knowledgeable?

    I remembered you were still a kid back then.
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