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  1. I'd like to join this conversation a little late, LOL.
  2. have i postededed in here before?
  3. does TRL (R know about you?
    'Cause your a natural.
  4. LUKE: And then when I walked you home after the wedding, there was a moment. I thought there was a moment.

    LORELAI: There was! There was a moment. [Luke gazes at Lorelai, then moves closer.]

    LORELAI: What are you doing?

    LUKE: Will you just stand still?

    [He gathers her in his arms and they kiss. Lorelai pulls away then moves back closer to Luke.]

    LUKE: What are you doing?

    LORELAI: Will you just stand still?

    [She holds his face as she kisses him. Luke's arms wrap around her as they kiss. She pulls away again. As they gaze at each other, Luke grasps her waist and pulls her back.]
  5. why are you depressed dixie????????
    and that script is everywhere because i put it everywhere.
  6. I AM ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    this one is my fave.

    [He starts to walk toward the people when a woman stands up and starts unbuttoning her shirt. Luke walks back to Lorelai and Rory]

    LUKE: Is that woman doing what I think sheís doing?

    [the woman has started nursing her baby]

    LORELAI: Um, well, I canít be a hundred percent sure, but. . .oh yeah, thatís lunch.

    LUKE: Why, why do they do this? This is a public place, people are eating here.

    RORY: They sure are.

    LUKE: This cannot be sanitary.

    LORELAI: I agree. You donít know where that thingís been.

    LUKE: When did that become acceptable? In the old days, a woman would never consider doing that in public. Theyíd go find a barn or a cave or something. I mean, itís indecent. This is a diner not a peep show!

    LORELAI: Hey, consider making it a combo. You could charge more for your cheeseburgers. Of course, no one would ever feel the same ordering a glass of milk again, but . . .

    LUKE: I have to do something. I just canít stand here and let the lactating continue.

    LORELAI: Luke.

    RORY: Gross!

    LUKE: Iím gross? Iím not the one exposing myself for the entire world to see. Thatís it.

    [Luke starts to walk over to the woman, then walks back to the counter]

    LUKE: You go make her stop.

    LORELAI: Iím not going over there.

    LUKE: Why not? Youíre a woman.

    LORELAI: So what?

    LUKE: So you have the same parts.

    LORELAI: What?

    LUKE: You shouldnít be scared of it.

    LORELAI: Scared of it? You know, youíre gonna be a bachelor for a really long time.

    LUKE: I am being taken advantage of here, and I do not like being taken advantage of. I hate this!

    [Jess walks down into the diner and sees the woman nursing]

    JESS: Oh geez!

    [Jess quickly turns around and walks back upstairs]

    LUKE: Okay, well, that was kind of fun.
  7. totally.
    Dixie's right.
    You shouldn't leave EOFF.
    You still have Me and Dixie
  8. Yesh, Lulu'sgirl. I DO LUFF-A HIM MUCHUMZ!!!! Do you?

    no...i don't.
    i like him as a friend but i have a boyfriend.
  9. no your not ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  10. hello lwl
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