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  1. We have in oh so many ways!!
  2. I think we've made history today!
  3. Lloyd!!!!!!!
  4. oh hey you,

    I believe I am alive. And this is a very very late response D:

    My bad, ilu.
  5. Hey. Hey you. Alive? Circle Y or N and pass back.
  6. We clearly live in the same place!
  7. I be quite well.

    Talking to you at two places at once FTW
  8. Darlin'!
    How be you?
  9. Your online right nao for the first time in like 2 years : )

    I love you more than anyone else here does.

    Remember this for future reference
  10. You haven't been online for a VERY long time.

    But I talk to you every day

    wait wut?
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