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  1. Thanks! I was actually trying to go for the imgleft and imgright, but it didn't work out that way. I'll catch that typo as well.
  2. attire, not entire. Other than that it looks great, man. In fact, it also inspired me to make two new BBcodes for EoFF - imgleft and imgright. So now you can get your images and text alongside each other.
  3. Hi BoB,

    In an effort to write more around the forums, I just wrote a page on dragoons in the general final fantasy forum. I encourage you to check it out. feedback is appreciated.
  4. I'm glad someone picked up on it.
  5. I enjoyed your subtle Cool Runnings reference in that Final Fantasy XV thread.
  6. and I'm available Saturday.

    V--- wait wut are we picking days for.
  7. Hey there!!!!!

    Just saying hi.
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