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  1. Have you made your Ciddies Predictions yet?
  2. Me too. Maybe it's because I started watching after a few season had already been out but I felt like I wanted more time. Where the heck was Wil Wheaton that last season? Haha. Seems like there should be some more closure there.
  3. I did, yeah! I was sad to read that earlier this year they decided that was the last season.
  4. Did you ever finish the last season of The Guild?
  5. That's what I'm talking about
  6. It was a test and you took the bait.

    I barely get a word out of you so in order to do so I must be ambiguous. You probably wouldn't have responded had I left a legit question or statement. For shame.
  7. What?

    What did I do?
  8. I just had the grandest idea.

    We should get Proto to join in with your Zenon theme.

    We can call him Agent Protozoa.
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