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  1. Actually, I was just listening to music on her youtube channel the other day, haha.

    Any personal favorite Utada songs?
  2. Yes, yes i did. Also, Hikaru Utada's music, go listen.
  3. Did you get my Captain Planet reference? lol.
  4. <333
  5. <3
  7. Oh hai, I love you.

    Just throwing that out there since your page doesn't have any comments from me recentlyyyy
  8. BAAHAHAHAHAHAH, all for you lil bro <3
  9. OMG YES and It's the most beautiful and most amazing thing anyone has ever done and sent to me in my life, I love you <3
  10. You should check my recent lj post. I has a certain video for you to seeeeeeeee ;D
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