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  1. It was so beautiful. I never felt such a satisfying fart like that one.
  2. I'm glad you could share that moment with me.
  3. That was literally my goal for anyone who reads it and I am laughing hard at that concept.
  4. I hear ya. Thank you! But if they allowed that there would be a never ending reps within reps! So many damn reps the usercp will become a gym!!
  5. Sometimes I want to rep the rep comment
  6. Sure. What I linked below was my "write whatever you want to write about" column. Though sometimes I was asked to write about something.

    Justin?s Words of Wisdom | Primary Ignition

    While there are humorous pieces in that section, below is the more rare column I had where I reviewed things from drunk memory or actually drunk. Oh, and there was a couple of things I wrote on ambien in the first link too. The Jack and Jill Review in the below link generated a lot of traffic at that time.

    Bottom of the Bottle | Primary Ignition
  7. Can I see the stuff you wrote for another site? I'd like to read that
  8. It's hard for me to write like that. I had to access some pretty personal stuff and feel comfortable putting it online (or know that it would eventually go online). However, your recommendation caused me to look at some old articles I wrote on another site. While some of the humorous writing I did didn't age that well and I noticed some "OMG I HAVE A DEADLINE" mistakes, I still enjoyed going back and reading some of my old stuff.
  9. It was definitely a good read. I like when articles get personable like that. It helps me relate to the writer and think about how I've felt playing games.
  10. Thanks for recommending my article on Facebook again, man. I am glad that people seem to be enjoying it. Though I don't think Pike (she runs the networking stuff) saw your post!
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