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  1. Then write good stuff! The first drafts are always trout. SO you get beta readers, edit, then edit after agent feedback, and suddenly, it's good stuff!
  2. They only promote good stuff.
  3. Well then, write a book and look for an agent that will help you sell it.
  4. Also: "I'd take a handheld FFXII over a graphically superior one any day of the week."

    Now you know why the Switch is selling like hotcakes. Pity Square is unlikely to abandon the "graphics above all" train they're on.
  5. But no one wants to hear it. I've tried Let's Plays, and essays, and fanfiction, and it just feels like I'm screaming into the wind. It's part of why I keep giving up on them.
  6. Well then, show me your original world. Get it on paper. Get it written. Do something with it. Don't let it just sit there and gather dust. Get your world out there.
  7. It's not necessarily even the creative aspect, it's the feeling that I'm just talking to myself about it. Like it's not going anywhere, I can't discuss it with people, and it's no fun.

    My head is filled with imaginary worlds. But if I can't communicate them to anyway, there's no reason to take them out of there.

    Hell, I've written the best darned episode of modern Dr. Who in my head, but I've only been able to discuss it with my family.
  8. I mean, it has to be a bit of work. Of course you're gonna get good and bad feedback, but if you ever want to make something substantial, you need to keep going even if it feels like an uphill battle.

    I propose a game. Of sorts. It's something I did yesterday and now I am super hooked on an idea that wasn't there before and it's given me all kinds of positive energy. Try to build a world from scratch. It can be just in your head - for now or forever, your choice. Don't worry about anything, about audience expectation, about having to finish it, nothing. Go wild and try to build something from the ground up. See where it takes you.
  9. No, not really. I get depressed in such things without audience feedback. And I have trouble just following through, I guess. Once I get rolling, I feel obliged to keep going, and it starts to feel more like work than fun. Especially without an audience to engage with or who is excited about it.
  10. Have you been doing anything creative lately? I remember enjoying your FE fanfic quite a bit. It would be cool to see something more from you.
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