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  1. sup bruh you still in Japan or did that end years ago??
  2. nm just bumping around. I write about PC games for a living. Pretty cash. I came to Japan at the end of 2014 and tried to get in touch with you to meet up if you were still living there but never heard from ya
  3. ho trout wesley fenlon what's on pal?
  4. sup
  5. Just watched Lupin III: Tokyo Crisis. Pretty good tv special, probably the darkest one I've seen behind Alcatcraz Connection. The music was FRESH
  6. That's amazing and super ballsy. Props dude. I doubt I'll ever be there on vacation unless I start making a lot more money but I hope within the next 5 years I have a job-related reason to go and get paid for the trip. I still do writin' about games freelance so it's just a matter of actually getting hired and then getting lucky enough to get sent to Japan.

    I'd love to keep in touch some way more permanent and hear about all your adventures.
  7. well it's not so much a trip really. i came here on a one way ticket so...xD got a year long visa atm and hope to transfer to a long term work visa once I get a stable job. but yeah only been here for like two weeks and it's already been filled with insanity and hilarity. and christ don't get me started on the women, it is literally the worst thing i have ever seen in my life, the fact that i've managed to last so long without snapping and pillaging some women already is amazing to me. but yeah dude if you ever randomly find yourself making a trip over for a holiday or something i hope i'll still be here so hit me up, i'll show you all the comedy places
  8. Holy smurfing trout. Please get that on video. I actually want video if it even if you aren't in public. Sounds amazing.

    An editor I work with is in Japan right now for a gaming conference called BitSummit. I'm super jealous. Would love to hear about your trip sometime if you can take a break from staring at animu girls on the street
  9. yes i've actually been rewatching it recently, although that's because now that i'm here I'm determined to learn some random kamina jibberish and scream it at japanese people just for the comedy. particularly his self-introduction to the first ganmen, I intend to memorise the entire thing and tweak it a bit to be about me, and then introduce myself to people like that just to see how blagged they are. it is going to be brilliant
  10. I have watched Gurren Lagann like five times and if I spent more than, say, 2 minutes thinking about it I want to watch it again. It is my gift, it is my curse.
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